Electronic warfare

The purpose of electronic warfare is to disorganize the management of forces (troops), reduce the effectiveness of intelligence, prevent the use of weapons and military equipment by the enemy.


Our solution

  • Banshee-UAV

    BANSHEE-UAV is an intelligent system for detecting and blocking unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

  • Banshy-GSM

    This device is characterized by a large radius of suppression (up to 40 m), noise density and a wide frequency range. The device has two channels of 20 W, equipped with four antennas, two of them have a circular orientation diagram, the other two are directional. This allows you to block the connection either within a certain radius (around the device), or by using the antenna direction in a particular direction.


    Designed for: detection, localization of both the UAV itself and the control station of the aircraft. The complex automatically detects the fact of radio communication between the UAV and the operator, conducts identification, and automatically directs the antenna feeder and includes an electronic jamming system.