Information Security Controls

Confidential information in technical channels is provided in the form of signals (acoustic, vibroacoustic, electrical, electromagnetic), so the issue of information security is provided by special means of TMI (Technical means of information)


Our solution


    The ANDRE is a pocket wideband receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, etc. radio frequency.

    Fixes nearby radio frequency, infrared, visible, voltage-carrying, etc. types of transmitters.

  • FlatScan 30

    The portable X-ray television complex FlatScan 30 is designed for the rapid radiation-safe inspection of the contents of various items (luggage, cargo, parcels, vehicles, etc.) in order to detect prohibited things (weapons, drugs, explosive devices); for the search of hidden audio and video recording systems in premises (walls, furniture, technical equipment, communication facilities).

  • ORION 2.4 HX

    A new development designed to detect secret intelligence devices. The ORION 2.4 HX tracks all equipment containing semi-conductor components, whether it is on or off.

  • OSCOR Green 24

    The OSCOR Green 24 is a portable spectrum analyser with high speed scan and special functions for detecting unknown signals, searching for secret intelligence devices, testing radio transmissions in a wide range of frequency bands, etc. One device combines a spectrum analyser, an antenna, software. Scans the 24 GHz band per second with a 12.2 kHz step. OSCOR Green 24 can be successfully applied to: carry out works on detection of channels of leakage of language and specific information; Review
  • TALAN 3.0

    Digital analyzer of wire and telephone lines TALAN is a multifunctional device, which combines most technical methods of checking the wired lines, which allows you to effectively search for secret intelligence devices, to identify channels of information leakage.