While solving the problems of finding individual signals in radio broadcast, demodulating and decoding data channels, etc. it is expedient to use the means of radio monitoring.


Our solution


    It is intended for estimation of the electromagnetic environment, search, detection and express-analysis of radio emission in the HF and UHF bands.
    Designed for:


    Multifunctional mobile COMINT station. Designed to assess the electromagnetic environment, search, detect, do express analysis and determine the interception (or coordinate when working in conjunctio with the second station) of a radio emission and communications.

  • Auris-R

    Designed for searching, receiving and digitizing a radio signal in the working range.

  • Khortytsia-M

    Khortytsia-M is a mobile communication intelligence placed on autonomous car chassis. Designed to: Estimate the electromagnetic environment; search for, detect and express-analyse the radio-emission; Determine the location and source in UHF / HF bands in tandem with similar mobile radio-intelligence complexes; For automated detecting, mapping and analysing control channels and radio frequency sources in the operating frequency range; To provide the possibility of recording, storing and analysing complex signals in the operating band; Review

    The PLASTUN 3-DM is designed for 24-hour spectrum analyzing, decoding information in searches for language and specific information and data leak through technical means. It is a stationary version of the PLASTUN 3D, it carries out geolocation of a radio source with amplitude method via directional antenna units. Has spectral panoramas visualization, comparative tables of isolated signals; the function of viewing in different scales and modes on the selected antenna (group of antennas). Review

    SDR (Software Defined Radio) — a modern version of the construction of the radio reception channel. On the basis of SDR technology, systems for monitoring, receiving and / or transmitting data, have been created. PLASTUN SDR is an affordable product, manufactured according to industrial (military grade on demand) standards. In combination with software open-source solutions (e.g. SDR #), proprietary products of their own or foreign development (AirSpy, Krypto1000, Krypto500) it allows to get a multifunctional radio monitoring complex. Review