Direction finding

The technique is used to determine the electromagnetic vibrations that appear while electric current goes through the equipment (hardware) in operation. It allows to track the movement of vehicles, determine the coordinates of boats and aircraft, and detect unwanted obstacles. This technique is also used for military purposes to find out the precise coordinates of the enemy.


Our solution

  • PLASTUN RP-3000

    PLASTUN RP-3000 is the state-of-the-art product, which has been improved, taking into account the experience of using “PLASTUN RP-525”: Reduced number of blocks and connectors; Increased battery life (when connected to the Charger-90 — up to 36 hours of continuous operation at −20°C); Increased frequency range (now, from 25 to 3000 MHz); Reduced deployment time; Transformed operator’s work place; “SDR” and “Radio Intelligence” modes were added; Review
  • PLASTUN RP-525

    PLASTUN RP-525 is intended for positioning of any emitting radio source (for example portative radio stations, UAV, ECW, etc.) , automated high-speed radio-monitoring, processing and recording interception data. Real-time system exchanges data for reconciling location information sources of radio emission and their characteristics in order to form the only intelligence field. Complete set: antenna feed system, radioswitch; digital signal processing unit, communication link device; automated workplace and special software; Review