System for ensuring battlefield

They are used in navigation of sea vessels, in order to improve the safety of aircraft landing, in the management of unmanned aerial vehicles, to synchronize time, track military units (military equipment), etc.


Our solution


    The ARPOS Ballistic Computer is a portable billing system with an integrated meteorological station, geophysical equipment and a device for obtaining target data.

  • Charger-31

    The battery saves the autonomous mode of your device without the need for recharging from the network. On a hike, a long journey, a trip, and in any situation where you need to stay in touch, or maintain long-term capacity of devices, but there is no time to recharge from the network, — the Charger-31 will be indispensable. Additional features: Smooth adjustment of the output voltage of charging 5-12. Review
  • Charger-90

    The Mobile Battery Charger-90 is an indispensable thing for battery life, both in a modern battlefield and on a long-time hike in all weather conditions. The charging resource and the output voltage of the battery are sufficient to charge your mobile devices: a phone, a smartphone, a player, a tablet PC, a radio station, a GPS navigator, a digital camera, a laptop and a netbook, special equipment, etc.

  • IP-Phone

    IP-Phone — innovative means of IP communication. Advantages: Implements integrated highly mobile solutions aimed at organizing a secure contact for government communications, military operations, secured communication channels with remote networks, etc.; Options – phone book, conference calls, file transfer, speed dial, G729 \ G711 compression, traffic encryption, etc.; Shielded from SERG (side electromagnetic radiation and guidance) case with embedded electromagnetic noise generators; Protected power line, implemented by a combination of a galvanic line breaker, filters, a noise generator; Review