Software complex
System features
search of persons (groups of persons) in social media by nickname, id, name, search query;
collection of geotagged
collection of information
from electronic media;
detection and analysis of implicit
relations between users;
automatic analysis of text
and photo content;
monitoring of user activity
for a given period of time;
identification of information campaigns and
their primary sources, detection of bots;
conducting own
information campaigns;
Key features
work with social networks: Facebook, VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter and others;
work with messengers;
work with open databases, for example, Myrotvorets database;
collection of news from
electronic media in any
country in any language;
powerful data analysis mechanism, including photo recognition and full cycle of analysis of textual informa-tion with auto referencing, using neural networks;
automatic collection and analysis of the object’s activity in social media; analysis of the relations
that showed the most activity
(likes, comments, etc.);
system has a modular structure, can be scaled both vertically and horizontally; delivered to the customer in the form of a complete localized solution or in the form of a service;
Big Data, Social Network Analysis, Data Science and Machine Learning technologies are used in the creation and development of the system;
possible applications: public sphere (administrative bodies, military departments), private sector (banking, HR, tourism marketing), private consumers (reputational risks, personal safety).
The system consists of
Social network information acquisition module
search for users, groups, locations, publications;
download content of users or groups, graphical visualization of user relationships
Electronic media information acquisition module
news from any country in any language
Messengers information acquisition module
automatic download of information from customer defined chats
Photo analysis module
automatic finding of the necessary images using geodata with the probability established by the user
Logical analysis and visualization module
storage of statistical information and its display on graphs and dashboards;
ability to filter the received information as per available data types;
performing operations of mathematical logic with the obtained data
Text analysis module
automatic subject-matter classification of texts, the text`s tone identification;
selection of keywords, named entities (name, position, organization, telephone, geographical names, etc.);
automatic annotation of large texts;
automatic creation of thematic dictionaries;
contextual search; sentiment analysis.
It can be used as a separate solution for working with large arrays of textual information
Monitoring module
detection of any user / group / subject matter activity in a certain period of time with a certain interval (adding new content, making changes, deleting)
Report module
automated reporting
Examples of system operation
Open Source Intelligence
SPECTRUM is a system for collecting and analyzing structured and unstructured data
from open sources, which allows to automate work with social networks, mobile messengers, electronic media, and open databases.

The system has a powerful search module
that simplifies and speeds up the collection
of information about the object of interest (person, organization, event).

Searching a group of 40 people requires
analysis of 1 million profiles. The operator
needs for it months of work. SPECTRUM conducts such analysis in 9.5 hours.