Portable Ballistic Computer

The ARPOS Ballistic Computer is a portable billing system with an integrated meteorological station, geophysical equipment and a device for obtaining target data.

It is intended to unify the existing guidance devices, to significantly simplify, accelerate and improve the guidance of artillery systems. Unlike other complexes (ballistic tabulators), independently for each individual shot, an individual instance of a gun, a mortar, it calculates the trajectory of the shot in the current conditions, without relying on the average tabular value. The closest analogue of the mathematical model used in the complex is the most up-to-date NABK (Nato Armament Ballistics Kernel) standard of NATO STANAG 4355, but ARPOS uses more parameters for miscalculation.

ARPOS is designed for 60-120 mm calibre mortars and tanks T-64, T-72. It is also possible to build a complex for buccal jet artillery and sniper rifles.


Speed ​​of the first shot preparation 50 seconds (10 min 10 s — topographic position binding)
Speed ​​of subsequent shots calculation 200 tracks for 50 ms (2 min 30 s — change of direction of shooting)
Accuracy of position determination 1 cm
Communication range up to 20 km
Autonomy 28 hrs
Weight 28 hrs