Mobile battery

The battery saves the autonomous mode of your device without the need for recharging from the network. On a hike, a long journey, a trip, and in any situation where you need to stay in touch, or maintain long-term capacity of devices, but there is no time to recharge from the network, — the Charger-31 will be indispensable.

Additional features:

  • Smooth adjustment of the output voltage of charging 5-12.9 V;

  • Charging stations Motorola, Hyttera and others equipped with a controller;

  • Strong aluminium alloy housing;

  • LCD screen for displaying charge information and settings for output parameters;

  • Special summary with MOLLE system;

  • Waterproof connectors for connecting external devices;

  • Up to 2 A charge current via USB ports;

Protection against “overlapping”, short circuit, breaking of wires


Voltage capacity 31000 mAh
Battery material LiFePO4
Number of charging ports 2 USB
Number of Charging Ports 5-13 V 1
Size 65×150×250 mm
Weight 1800 g
Operating temperature range without capacity loss -40 … + 65 C
Max. voltage 13 V
Performance standard MIL-STD-810G
Max. return current 10 A