Mobile battery

The Mobile Battery Charger-90 is an indispensable thing for battery life, both in a modern battlefield and on a long-time hike in all weather conditions. The charging resource and the output voltage of the battery are sufficient to charge your mobile devices: a phone, a smartphone, a player, a tablet PC, a radio station, a GPS navigator, a digital camera, a laptop and a netbook, special equipment, etc.

Thanks to the Charger-90, you will be able to sustain the autonomous operation of your device for a long time without additional charging from the network. On an extreme hike, a long journey, nature trails, on a travel and in any situation where you need to stay in touch or maintain long-term capacity - the mobile battery will come in handy.

The applied battery technology LiFePO4 batteries will guarantee the stability of the technology in any extreme conditions of operation. The aluminium case supports design reliability impact- and fall-resistance. The device has a raised capacity of 400 W/h and a long battery life: 1,000 cycles of charge / discharge, with a capacity of > 95% of the nominal.


Voltage capacity 90000 mAh
Battery material LiFePO4
Number of charging ports:
Power, configurable (up to 15 V, 1000 A maximum) 1
Adjustable, 5-15 V 4
USB, 2A 5
Size 495 × 245 × 95 mm
Weight 11 kg
Max. return current -40 … + 65 C
Max. voltage 15 W
Performance standard MIL-STD-810G
Max. return current 1000 A