Portable Cyber Security Monitoring System

HHoneyCell is a software and hardware complex for multifactorial detection to internal and external network threats.

Designed for:

  • Monitoring network activity

  • Current assessment of infrastructure malware

  • Current target vulnerability monitoring

  • Notification of existing network failures of system administrators

  • Analysis and counteraction of attacks

  • Saving information about any interactions with network services

  • Slowing down and complicating the analysis of existing topologies by outsiders

  • Reducing the amount of information available to intruders

The complex provides:

  • Analysis and mapping of topology

  • Creation of a “mirror” network: cloning of existing services and their artificial increase, which complicates the planning of any malicious actions

  • Stability: the system does not interfere with the target network

  • Autonomy: the complex can be installed on any network, either completely closed or with access to the Internet

  • Autonomy: without administrator intervention, the system begins to work with a standard configuration, which may be quite sufficient in the absence of direct threats.

  • Centralization: the entire network can be processed from one interface

  • Protection from non-targeted attacks: an attacker seeking any easy target may decide to attack another, more grievous network

  • Flexible notifications: emails, telegram, sms

  • Simplicity: a person without special knowledge will be able to understand that the network is attacked, and call system administrators to troubleshoot problems.


Operating system Kali Linux (distribution with enhanced network security)
Interaction protocol closed, proprietary, specially designed for HoneyCell product
User interface WEB application
OSI-levels of implementation 2; 3; 5
Target protocols that can be simulated smtp, ssh, ntp, http, https, tcp/ip протоколи баз данних та інші базові протоколи