Anti- UAV electronic countermeasure (ECM) complex

Designed for: detection, localization of both the UAV itself and the control station of the aircraft. The complex automatically detects the fact of radio communication between the UAV and the operator, conducts identification, and automatically directs the antenna feeder and includes an electronic jamming system.

Unlike existing solutions, the system of electronic interference generates modulated pulses, which are close to the length of control signals (effectively counteract systems with a signal length of 2 ms or more). Which, in turn, firstly increases the effectiveness of suppression, and secondly, reduces the likelihood of detection by the enemy.

Additionally, the system can be equipped with an active system for obstruction (substitution) of satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO).


Frequency range 25–6000 MHZ
The minimum length of the suppressed signal 80 MHz
Output power up to 45 dBm
Minimum signal duration 1 ms
Average quadratic deviation when determining the direction up to 3 degrees