Mobile tactical direction-finding system

PLASTUN RP-3000 is the state-of-the-art product, which has been improved, taking into account the experience of using “PLASTUN RP-525”:

  • Reduced number of blocks and connectors;

  • Increased battery life (when connected to the Charger-90 — up to 36 hours of continuous operation at −20°C);

  • Increased frequency range (now, from 25 to 3000 MHz);

  • Reduced deployment time;

  • Transformed operator’s work place;

  • “SDR” and “Radio Intelligence” modes were added;

  • Quick access to antenna amplifiers replacement;

  • Adaptive connection with any communication channel;

  • A set of spare parts and tools were added.


  • Detection of radio networks and operational frequency of tactical (UHF), operational-tactical (HF) links, means of communication and data transmission of small RSGs (reconnaissance and sabotage group);

  • Recording of analogue and digital data transmission channels (P25 Phase 1, ProVoice, X2 TDMA, DMR / MOTOTRBO, NXDN, D-STAR);

  • Location determination of communication stations with the FHSS (military radio stations of Russian production - P-187 “Azart”, P-392 “Arakhis”;

  • Synchronous bearing and demodulation of frequency-modulated signals;

  • Fixing of digital channels of control and information transmission, aircraft location, including UAV;

  • Determining the coordinates of EW (electronic warfare) stations (UHF band, suppressing GPS signals, cell communication blockers, UAV active impediment stations);

  • Detection of methods of counter-battery tools data transmission ASEC-7 (automated sound and electronics complex)


Frequency range 25-3000 MHz
Standard deviation error of direction finding in range 30–90 MHz 1.5 deg.
Standard deviation error of direction finding in range 90–525 MHz 1.5 deg.
Standard deviation error of direction finding in range 525–3000 MHz 1 deg.
Scanning speed, better than 1 GHz / s
Dynamic range, better than 82 dB
Bandwidth, better than 21 MHz
Frequency resolution (“Overview” mode) 12.5 kHz
Minimal time of direction finding, less than 15 ms
Systems deployment time, less than 20 min