Software Defined Radio for army

SDR (Software Defined Radio) — a modern version of the construction of the radio reception channel. On the basis of SDR technology, systems for monitoring, receiving and / or transmitting data, have been created. PLASTUN SDR is an affordable product, manufactured according to industrial (military grade on demand) standards. In combination with software open-source solutions (e.g. SDR #), proprietary products of their own or foreign development (AirSpy, Krypto1000, Krypto500) it allows to get a multifunctional radio monitoring complex.

The receiver is based on LimeSDR with partial modification, and namely:

  • Chip replacement for industrial-grade;

  • Replacement of the components of the radio channel for better quality;

  • Screens and absorbers of radiation are added;

  • The supply complex is equipped with a housing in IP66 performance and vibration absorbing means;

  • replacement of connectors;

  • Upgraded firmware management that provides compatibility with additional software and the ability to connect to single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi 3 (with remote control and data capture);

  • Added basic demodulators and remote control software.


Frequency Range 100kHz-3.8GHz
RF Bandwidth 61.44MHz
Sample Depth 12 bits
Sample Rate 61.44MSPS
Transmitter Channels 2
Receivers 2
Duplex Full
Interface USB 3.0
Oscillator Precision +/-1ppm initial, +/-4ppm stable
Transmit Power 0 to 10dBm (depending on frequency)
Temperature Range -55 C … 80 C