ML Engineer
2+ years of experience

We invite ML Engineer to join our team. Infozahyst is a private research and production center specializing in radio reconnaissance, anti-drone countermeasures, computer network protection and reconnaissance, software development, and solution integration from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Mykola Andreiev
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Requirement skills

  • Tensorflow and / or PyTorch / Keras, Jupyter, gensim, fastText, NLP, deployment ability, direnv / pyenv;
  • Knowledge of ML theory, ability to analyze pros / cons of different types of models;
  • Ability to work with git;

Following experience will be the plus:

  • node.js, postgresql, redis, elastic search, Dataflow, Spark, Pandas
  • Knowledge in statistics, probability theory, linear algebra
  • Basic understanding of signal processing


  • Finalization of existing solutions for ML: text transcription, work with images – type recognition, text recognition, image vectorization.
  • ML training, expansion of functionality, implementation of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Work with devops to improve the infrastructure for the developed services, work with the team to integrate ML services into the company’s products.

We offer:

 Unique and interesting projects
 Decent salary
 Paid vacation, sick leave and overtimes
 Flexible work schedule
 Corporate health insurance

Mykola Andreiev
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