​Infozahyst Announces Technical Cooperation Agreement with SPX CommTech  (TCI ECS)

October 3, 2023

Infozahyst, a leading SIGINT solutions company in Ukraine, has entered into a landmark technical cooperation agreement with radio frequency (RF) solutions manufacturer  SPX CommTech.

SPX CommTech, made up of TCI and ECS, enables defence teams to detect, defeat and exploit RF signals to enhance Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems (Counter-UAS). It is renowned for supplying detection and direction-finding systems to militaries around the world.

The partnership ensures the delivery of specialised technologies within the RF spectrum, adapted to battlefield requirements. Infozahyst will deliver enhanced operator training, and ensure comprehensive service coverage of the equipment in Ukraine.

In addition, Infozahyst will oversee any necessary repair, service, and diagnostics of specific SPX CommTech equipment. The agreement also encompasses the localisation of user interfaces and system integration with situational awareness platforms.

“SPX CommTech radio reconnaissance tools are reliable instruments for determining enemy locations. We recognize the unique challenges of ensuring consistent technical support in Ukraine from abroad, and we are pleased that Infozahyst can now assist in addressing this concern. For this purpose, our engineers and other specialists are undertaking training at SPX CommTech to master all the possibilities of the technology.” said Iaroslav Kalinin, the director of the Infozahyst company.

Commenting on the partnership, Iaroslav Kalinin concluded: “This collaboration not only aligns with our core competencies but also further strengthens our commitment to offering advanced solutions and training to our customers. We are committed to our country and doing everything to effectively counter all Russian occupation and make Ukraine a state strong enough to prevent such invasions in the future.”