About us

INFOZAHYST RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CENTER represents commercial sector of the defense industry of Ukraine, develops software and hardware solutions for the security, defense and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Fields of expertise

The company is proud that during its 20-year history it has turned from a group of like-minded partners who took over the task to improve information security of our country into the team of experts in R&D and advanced technologies.

Intellectual assets

Thanks to Infozahyst own research and development program, our team is able not only to develop solutions due to customer’s tasks, but also to test their effectiveness in real-life conditions of use. Our experts have many years of practical experience in applying of advanced technologies in war. 

Technological capabilities

Embedded systems development and production

Infozahyst Research & Production Center has its own embedded systems development department that combines hardware and user interfaces with powerful software, connectivity and proximity technologies.

The company supports embedded system development at every stage of the product lifecycle, from prototype to production design. We develop embedded software solutions, bespoke for application in military and telecoms sectors, etc.

Our research and development team is equipped with modern Rohde & Schwarz equipment, which allows us to conduct research and control the result obtained at every stage of development.

Our experimental assembly area is equipped with Kurtz Ersa assembly equipment for carrying out work with prototypes of any complexity.


The company has its own experimental production. We have successful experience in designing and testing high-speed lines (JESD204b, 10GBase-TX), creating test stands for RF and digital equipment, etc.

Measurement and inspection processes are carried out on high precision measurement equipment from world manufacturers, including Rohde & Schwarz. Department engineers have verified expertise in the field of testing in accordance with international certification programs such as R&S (Germany), Fischer (Germany), etc.


Infozahyst creates a full-cycle product ecosystem on the basis of its own developments. We have developed both software and hardware solutions for radio monitoring, direction finding, signal and electronic intelligence, starting with antennas, masts, receivers, mobile communication intelligence complex, and ending up with information analytical platform.

Infozahyst Research & Production Center is responsible for product functionality at each stage – from antenna to software, from information search, its processing and analysis, to delivery of ready-made reports to a customer for decision making purposes. Thanks to own research and development program company experts are able not only to develop solutions due to customer’s tasks but also to test their effectiveness in real-life conditions of the Joint Forces Operation area in the East of Ukraine.

Our COMINT solutions

  • KHORTYTSIA-M mobile COMINT complex settled on autonomous car chassis
  • APELLA automated multifunctional COMINT complex 25-6000 MHz range
  • MINERVA wideband radio monitoring receiver 25-40000 MHz range with 800 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • AURIS-R6000 software-Defined Radio (SDR) receiver 0,5-6000 MHz range
  • PLASTUN-RP3000 mobile tactical direction-finding system 25-3000 MHz range

Since 2018 KHORTYTSIA-M mobile COMINT complexes have been delivered by the state defense order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Our customers

The company cooperates with public and private sector customers in Ukraine and abroad. The products made by Infozahyst have been successfully tested and used by law enforcement agencies and special services in the Joint Forces Operation area.