Mobile battery

An indispensable thing to provide autonomous work on a modern field of battle, or in a long campaign in all weather conditions.

Anti- UAV electronic countermeasure (ECM) complex

Self-propelled electronic warfare complex is designed to protect objects from UAVs.

Mobile tactical direction-finding system

PLASTUN RP-3000 the newest small-sized tactical direction finding system.

Software Defined Radio for army

For an effective determination of the radio environment, an affordable solution to the PlastunSDR is proposed.

Lines of action

  • Information systems

    When processing large volumes of different data types there are difficulties with their preservation, ensuring integrity and availability. To resolve these issues, the construction of information systems is carried out, which ensures high accuracy of reports, analytical conclusions, the possibility of structuring already existing information, etc. Read more
  • Direction finding

    The technique is used to determine the electromagnetic vibrations that appear while electric current goes through the equipment (hardware) in operation. It allows to track the movement of vehicles, determine the coordinates of boats and aircraft, and detect unwanted obstacles. This technique is also used for military purposes to find out the precise coordinates of the enemy. Read more

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