Mobile battery

An indispensable thing to provide autonomous work on a modern field of battle, or in a long campaign in all weather conditions.

Anti- UAV electronic countermeasure (ECM) complex

Self-propelled electronic warfare complex is designed to protect objects from UAVs.

Mobile tactical direction-finding system

PLASTUN RP-3000 the newest small-sized tactical direction finding system.

Software Defined Radio for army

For an effective determination of the radio environment, an affordable solution to the PlastunSDR is proposed.

Lines of action

  • Information Security Controls

    Confidential information in technical channels is provided in the form of signals (acoustic, vibroacoustic, electrical, electromagnetic), so the issue of information security is provided by special means of TMI (Technical means of information) Read more
  • System for ensuring battlefield

    They are used in navigation of sea vessels, in order to improve the safety of aircraft landing, in the management of unmanned aerial vehicles, to synchronize time, track military units (military equipment), etc. Read more

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