UAV-based ELINT complex
Designed for
Searching, detection, classifying and identifying signal pulses from the radar stations, electronic warfare support measures, anti-craft warfare, and airplanes
Complex determines the operation modes and areas of reconnaissance, based on the principles of active radar, it also denotes their characteristics.
Complex detects and recognizes radio signals from the terrestrial targets, surface targets, air targets (including over-the-horizon targets)
Complex detects and recognizes radio emission sources in the real-time mode
Complex increases the ability of anti-air warfare systems to detect low-visibility aircraft such as "stealth"
Сase study
Number of tracked target - up to 200
Radar on-board systems; automatic signal processing and radio signal classification
Processing up to 2.5 million impulses per second
Detection, classification, and dimensional real-time locating systems (RTLS) with a low probability of intercept (LPI)
Short deployment time with high maneuverability – up to 2 hours for a base of 100 km;
Lower cost comparing with ground ELINT complexes and aircraft-based ELINT complexes
Larger area of the direct line of sight regarding ground reconnaissance systems
Reconnaissance of new assets with signal recording on the on-board storage
Advantages of GEKATA are in smaller sizes in comparison with aircraft-based ELINT and electronic support measures
Less energy consumption relatively ground reconnaissance systems
Equipment management can be done easily by 1 operator
Complex consists of
8 PD-2 UAVs (4 main and 4 spare UAVs for posts changing)
Ground complex of control and data collection
Receiver operating frequency range
2-18 GHz (basic configuration)
Receiver type
Real-time bandwidth
800 MHz
Number of hardware-independent channels
One channel real-time bandwidth
400 MHz
Single frequency dynamic range
over 72 dB
Azimuth angle bandwidth
360 ° (omnidirectional antenna)
Coordinate determination method
GEKATA UAV-based ELINT complex is сreating in the product collaboration with Ukrainian company Ukrspecsystems.
GEKATA is an effective UAV-based ELINT solution. Actually, with the help of GEKATA, you can reveal the location of the enemy's air defence missile system- from the tactical to operational and strategic depth.