​​Infozahyst has shown a full range of the COMINT solutions at the international exhibition Arms and Security’21

June 29, 2021

Infozahyst has represented a few new products in the key areas of the Ukrainian defense industry within the XVII International Exhibition Arms and Security’21 (which was held on 15-19th of June in Kyiv, Ukraine):

The visitors around the exhibition stand

During the exhibition, the company’s stand was visited by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Strategic Industries Oleh Urusky, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Khomchak. Representatives from the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, visitors from the law enforcement agencies, special services, and state bodies of Ukraine actively interested in the new company’s equipment and the benefits of the products.

Furthermore, foreign customers and some representatives from the different embassies showed a strong interest in the company’s products.

At the exhibition, there was a showcase of some new company’s products. Visitors also saw tested over the years of the combat experience products manufactured by Infozahyst and the partners of the company. For instance, the mobile tactical direction-finding system PLASTUN-RP3000, which has been used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2016.

“PLASTUN-RP 3000 receives software updates every month. Last month we’ve reached a new level. Regarding the functionality, I can’t tell any details and secrets at the moment, but it effectively allows us to solve the problems that a few well-known examples companies, such as Rohde & Schwarz, Thales, and some others, cannot provide”, –  said Yaroslav Kalinin, the company’s CEO in the interview to the Ukrainian military portal Defense Express.

Infozahyst represented one more innovative product – “Hekate”, UAV-based ELINT complex, capabilities of which are compared with AWACS.

The “core” of this complex is a 10-kilogram container with a suspension system with ELINT equipment, which is placed on unmanned aerial vehicles. The complex consists of 6 drones and a ground control station and data collection. With the help of the Hekate complex, reconnaissance can be conducted 24/7 at a distance of up to 450 kilometers from the control center. There will be 3 UAVs in the air, which have small dimensions (wingspan is up to 5 meters), and in the result – high level of secrecy, which makes these drones as invulnerable as possible to the enemy, “- highlighted Yaroslav Kalinin, the company’s CEO.

“Hekate”, UAV-based ELINT complex

“As for me, this exhibition is a platform where I can find like-minded people, communicate with people from the level of a user sitting in a trench to the level of an investor who can develop a product and invest in some ideas. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine and the Deputy Prime Minister had time to visit our stand during the exhibition. We’ve introduced them to a new product line, which in the near future will allow them to receive further assistance in bureaucratic processes, including commissioning, during the state testing procedures, etc. This will help our army to get this complex as soon as possible“.

Thank you for your interest in the company and equipment. We continue to work, focusing on the new product development which we will represent at the” Arms and Security” next time.