secure communication
Designed for
assures a completely secure from eavesdropping connection, including for channels of information transmission with the degree of secrecy "secret", for special and government communication, etc.
provides subscriber access to IP-based networks
organizes telephone service with the same type or similar IP-phone via data network or by direct connection via fiber-optic cable line
Key features
Expert assessment of the SSSCIP
Schematic and design features of the product ensure compliance with the requirements of the current standards of effectiveness of protection of special communication facilities and complexes from information leakage through compromising emanation channels.
Case with localized sections
The milled aluminum case is divided into sections, each of which is localized with electromagnetic emission screens providing complete protection against electromagnetic emission penetration even between sections inside the phone.
possibility of peer-to-peer communication and via SIP server;
has the IP65 Rating;
type of communication: satellite, radio relay, other IP-networks;
option of serial connection of 16 devices for adjusting of several communication lines;
compatible with most SIP devices, IP/PBX and major IMS platforms;
downloading of the address book from the SIP server and external media;
the case is fastened by special metallized glue that provides its additional tightness and density;
can be used at stationary control points as part of special communication systems.
External power supply
10-14 В
On-board power supply
12 В
up to 1,5 А
Communication type
satellite, radio relay, other IP-networks
Number of lines
Control interface
Ethernet 100Base-FX
IP Rating
Operating temperature
-25°C +55°C
Weight of the main unit
1.84 kg
Weight of the handset
0.23 kg
Dimensions of the main unit
208.5 mm x 380 mm x 45 mm
Combat experience tested
The secure IP-phone IZ-100 is a part of the mobile communication intelligence complex KHORTYTSYA-M produced by “Infozahyst”, which since 2018 has been delivered by the state defense order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.