noise generator
Designed for
protection of information from its leakage through compromising emanation channels and guidance in information and telecommunication systems and the facilities with electronic computing equipment
suppression of remote control receivers and blocking of radio channels used by devices for remote information acquisition of indirect electromagnetic emission
generation of electromagnetic interference in a wide range of frequencies, which provides masking of indirect electromagnetic emission that occurs during the operation of electrical appliances
Key features
has an expert assessment of the SSSCIP;
has 4 independent interference generation channels;
the noise signal level is increased by amplifiers.
Components of the generator
The generator has several circuits tuned to different frequency bands, namely:
- for generating the electric component of the field;
- for generating a magnetic component of the field.
It consists of the following components:
- radio frequency noise generator;
- a set of mounted antennas;
- power cable.
Operating frequency range
9 kHz - 2000 MHz
Noise interference type
white noise
Normalized noise quality coefficient
over 0.8
Number of independent channels
Total output power
up to 5 W
Power consumption
up to 25 W
Power supply
220 V/50 Hz
Operating mode
2 kg
Dimensions without antennas
198 mm × 158 mm × 62 mm
Counter surveillance in action
The IZ-2000 electromagnetic noise generator produces an interference signal, which makes the information retrieval (reception and decoding) impossible. It concerns the information contained in the electromagnetic emission of phones, PCs, laptops, printers, etc.

The IZ-2000 can provide information protection in locations where voice information with limited access is in circulation without the use of additional counter surveillance equipment.