Digital analyzer for wired and telephone lines

Digital analyzer of wire and telephone lines TALAN is a multifunctional device, which combines most technical methods of checking the wired lines, which allows you to effectively search for secret intelligence devices, to identify channels of information leakage.


compares the results of several tests on several telephone lines to quickly identify threatening abnormalities


combines several possibilities for testing counter-measures in a single apparatus (voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, nonlinear scout, frequency reflection and digital demodulation technology)


weighs only six pounds, and the data can be exported for further analysis and reporting


Dual MOD8 / RJ45 supports 2, 4, 6, 8 wirelines
Radio Frequency Input antenna connector Rf, 8GHz
Spectrum Analyzer dual transformation, receiver with superheterodine
Scan Time 2 s
Step 1 kHz
Passing Band 18 kHz
Sensitivity -100 dBm
Frequency Range 100 kHz - 8 GHz
Auto-Range response rate 500 ms
Voltage Variable / Permanent 250 V
Impedance 40 MΩ
Capacity 4 nF - 4.2 μF