Mobile COMINT complex
Designed for
automated search, detection, classification, demodulation, decoding and recording of radio signals in operating ranges;
real-time direction finding, location finding and displaying the coordinates of radio emission source (including FHSS) on the map;
detection and determination of coordinates
of electronic warfare stations (VHF range, navigation system jamming signals, means of drones countering, etc);
managing the operation of other COMINT and direction finding facilities, creating and updating the electronic environment map;
real-time accumulation, processing, prioritization of the received information and its transfer to the superior headquarter;
comfortable work and rest of the personnel thanks to the separated internal zones, autonomous work and availability of life support systems.
As an autonomous COMINT complex
performs the functions of radio monitoring and direction finding, with the possibility of data transfer to the main COMINT complex. The Khortytsia-M is equipped with two pneumatic lifts, which allow to disconnect the shelter from the transport base and place it as a stationary autonomous COMINT complex. The shelter is made on an autonomous ISO-standard platform.
As a part of COMINT network
operates as a main complex in combination with other COMINT facilities: autonomous complex Khortytsia-M, Apella, Plastun-RP3000, etc. The main complex manages subordinate COMINT complexes and facilities, processes, prioritizes the received information and transmits it to the superior headquarters for decision making.
COMINT complex
KHORTYTSIA-M autonomous
COMINT complex
Superior headquarter
PLASTUN-RP3000 mobile
tactical DF system
APELLA automated multi-
functional COMINT complex
Hostile object detected
by COMINT facilities
Separated zones for comfortable work and rest
Work area
It is equipped with two workplaces for operators who control the operation of COMINT and direction finding devices, including APELLA automated multifunctional COMINT complex, PLASTUN-RP3000 mobile tactical direction finding system, etc.
Rest area
It is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable autonomous living and conducting military service in the field, including air conditioning and ventilation system, generator, gas stove, sink, refrigerator, two berths in a separate room, lockers for personal belongings, etc.
Khortytsia-M ready to operation
Operating frequency range
25-6000 MHz
Maximum analysis bandwidth
80 MHz
Real-time bandwidth for each channel
20 MHz
Scanning speed
60 GHz/sec
Direction finding frequency range
25-3000 MHz
FHSS signals
search, detection, direction finding, recombination, demodulation
Number of independent channels
Single frequency dynamic range
over 80 dB
Number of radio networks for processing in Scan mode
up to 4096
Scanning speed of the frequency bank in Scan mode (except networks with FHSS)
over 1000 frequencies/sec
Approximate distance range
45 km
Khortytsia-M in the
Armed Forces of Ukraine
Since 2018 KHORTYTSIA-M mobile COMINT complexes have been delivered by the state defense order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.