Automated multifunctional
COMINT complex
Designed for
assessment of the electromagnetic environment
search of radio emission
detection of radio emission
recording of radio emission
rapid analysis of radio emission
operating frequency range 25-6000 MHz
Key features
2 independent processing channels (4 optionally);
search, detection, recombination and demodulation of up to 8 FHSS networks simultaneously;
decoding of more than 50 types of signals;
demodulation and interception of drone control and data transmission channels;
adaptive interface and intuitive control;
24/7 work mode;
possibility of stationary or mobile use;
strong case for work in harsh conditions.
Operating frequency range
25-6000 MHz
Number of independent channels
Real-time bandwidth for each channel
20 MHz
Single frequency dynamic range
over 80 dB
search, detection, recombination, demodulation
Signal detection in the real-time bandwidth with minimum duration
300 ms
Number of radio networks for processing in Scan mode
up to 4096 networks
Max scanning speed in Analysis mode for each channel
12 GHZ/sec
Max total records of 20 MHz bandwidth
over 5 h
Combat experience tested
APELLA automated multifunctional communication intelligence complex is a part of the mobile COMINT complex KHORTYTSIA-M, which since 2018 has been delivered by the State Defence Order (SDO) to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.