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Founded in 2001 as a research and development center for creating new technologies, experimental-design work in the field of security and defense. The company creates software and hardware solutions for the security forces of Ukraine at the expense of its own resources.

  • Development of integrated information security solutions developing

  • Unique research and development

  • 17 years of practical experience in the information security market


We maintain close contact with leading companies that specialize in informational security, development and production of high-quality electronic devices for detecting leaks and protecting information channels, designing and manufacturing video and audio recording equipment.

Among them are such well-known companies as: __Research Electronics Intl __ (USA), Panasonic (Japan) Industrial Control Machines Security Solutions (Belgium) and many others



Ukraine, Kyiv, 01023
2 Hospitalna St., office 3
+380 (44) 235-14-62

Marketing and sales:
+380 (93) 581-83-25

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