stationary two-antenna navigation system
Designed for
stationary navigation system, designed for orientation of direction finding devices in space
determine the coordinates of location of the object with high accuracy
thanks to two GPS receivers determine relative position of the object
Key features
based on two high-precision navigation GPS receivers;
accuracy of determining own navigation coordinates – up to 0,5 m;
the relative position of the antennas is calculated using a compensation algorithm;
total time of obtaining the relative position – 30-60 seconds;
determining the positioning of antennas with each other with an accuracy of 3 mm;
high accuracy of positioning of azimuth angles ±0,2°.
Navigation solution time
30 seconds
Relative solution time after receipt of navigation solution
10-15 seconds
Navigation solution accuracy
1,5 m CEP
Relative solution accuracy
3 mm CEP
Navigation channels sensitivity
148-160 dBm
Frequency ranges and navigation systems
GPS L1C/A L2C, GLO L1OF L2OF, GAL E1B/C E5b, BDS B1I B2I, QZSS L1C/A L2C (1207-1249 MHz, 1561-1605 MHz)
Main block dimensions
length 430 mm
width 180 mm
height 45 mm
Accurate determination of coordinates
INFOVECTOR positioner is a stationary two-antenna navigation system based on two high-precision navigation GPS receivers based on two high-precision navigation GPS receivers, that calculate their own coordinates using range signals:

L1 - 1559-1610 MHz;
L2 - 1215-1260 MHz.