for connecting antennas and receivers
of different frequency bands
Key features
radio equipment designed to switch radio signals
input and output high-frequency connectors for connecting antennas and receivers
wide frequency range – 25-6000 MHz
it is possible to use any of eight connected antennas
low level of signal penetration between channels – over 70 dB
power supply and control of external low-noise amplifiers
HF connectors for antenna connection
4 х 25-1000 MHz

2 х 300-3000 MHz

2 х 700-6000 MHz

HF connectors for receiver connection
2 х 25-6000 MHz

2 х 25-3000 MHz
Specialized software
The K8x4 antenna switch has specialized software developed by Infozahyst
The software has a simple and user-friendly interface. The user can change the switching scheme in a few clicks and control the antenna amplifiers just as easily.

The switch has protection against short circuit and input overload. The status of each channel (and the amplifier in case of its connection) is automatically updated in real time and displayed in a user-friendly form.
Operating frequency range
25-6000 MHz
Transmission ratio in the following frequency range
25-1000 MHz
300-3000 MHz
700-6000 MHz

-15 + 2 dB
-5 + 1 dB
-3 + 2 dB
Signal attenuation between inputs
over 70 dB
Number of HF connectors for antenna connection
25-1000 MHz
300-1000 MHz
700-1000 MHz

4 pieces
2 pieces
2 pieces
Number of HF connectors for receiver connection
25-3000 MHz
25-6000 MHz

2 pieces
2 pieces
Main units
The K8x4 antenna switch consists of a housing with such units:
- a switching module
- adapter boards
- high-frequency input connectors
- high-frequency output connectors
- a power connector

The principle of operation of the switch is based on the use of broadband power dividers and switches on microwave chips.