for positioning of the equipment
Designed for
Directing of logoperiodic antennas with wide and narrow radiation pattern to the desired radio emission source.
Fast (up to 120° per second) and efficient directing and change of direction of UAV antenna systems (drone tracking).
Remote control of the positioning of antennas or other equipment, including video surveillance cameras, lighting devices, satellite antennas, etc.
Key features
angle of rotation up to 420°, thanks to which the antenna is directed to the object by the shortest path, i.e. as fast as possible;
allows remote control of positioning of antennas or other equipment via Ethernet;
high speed and powerful engine allow to use the device for effective tracking of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones);
high-precision positioning up to 0,02° thanks to a 29-bit absolute encoder;
possibility of integration with any system;
IP68 degree of protection provides full protection of the case against dust and water penetration.
Equipment for radiomonitoring and COMINT
Designed for fast and efficient antenna positioning
The tilt mechanism is designed for efficient performance of radiomonitoring and communication intelligence tasks. Designed for remote control of positioning in space of VHF/UHF logoperiodic antennas with wide and narrow radiation pattern.

Due to the specific design it is able to direct and change of direction of any equipment installed on it fast and efficiently.
Max rotation angle
Max rotation speed
Max load weight
up to 20 kg
Power supply
12 V
Power consumption
up to 260 Watt
Output rotation moment
up to 70 Nm
IP rating
length 300 mm
width 300 mm
height 420 mm
Tested in extreme conditions in the East of Ukraine
The tilt mechanism is designed for use in extreme conditions. Can be applied outdoors in the temperature range from -50°C to +50°C. Degree of protection IP68 provides complete protection of the case from dust and water penetration.

The tilt mechanism is a part of the equipment of the mobile COMINT complex KHORTYTSIA-M, which since 2018 has been delivered by the state defense order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.