Mobile tactical direction finding system
Designed for
Direction finding of communication systems, detection of signals, including FHSS signals.
Determining the location and displaying the coordinates of the radio emission source in real time in order to create and update the electronic environment map.
Real-time data exchange about the location of radio sources and their characteristics to form the electronic environment map.
Key features
direction finding of FHSS and broadband signals;
low instrumental DF deviation error;
secure communication channel;
registers short-term signals that are not visible during visual observation, or weak signals that are hidden under the noise level;
consists of two PLASTUN-RP3000 semisets, which provide identi-fication of the coordinates of the emission source on the map;
simultaneous direction finding with high accuracy of synchronization of semi-sets;
adaptive interface and intuitive control;
automatic diagnostics of the complex and search for faulty components;
spare parts kit is included.
Manpack set
Up to 8 hours of work
Due to the modularity, dimensions and significant energy autonomy of the PLASTUN-RP3000 system (up to 8 hours of work from battery pack), high mobility of tactical recon groups is achieved.
Total weight up to 39 kg
When folded, the system can be placed in two backpacks (total weight up to 39 kg), providing additional convenience and secrecy when moving. This allows to deploy the direction finding system at the point of the most beneficial location and promptly collect the necessary COMINT data.
Specialized software
Dynamics tab in Frequency mode with Spectrogram display
This tab is used for signals search in the operating range and real-time analysis of the electronic environment situation. The operator has the ability to monitor the ether in the entire 20 MHz bandwidth without additional switches/settings.
Map showing the location of two PLASTUN-RP3000 semi-sets and their bearing directions
The Map tab displays all the necessary information for the operator. When creating/editing the electronic environment map, the operator can to not stop the process of detection and direction finding of radio sources or radio networks.
Operating frequency range
25-3000 MHz
Instrumental DF deviation error
max 0,5°
Electromagnetic field sensitivity in the operating frequency range
within 25 – 110 MHz
within 110 – 525 MHz
within 525-3000 MHz
Scanning speed
over 2 GHz/sec
Single frequency dynamic range
over 70 dB
Real-time bandwidth
21 MHz
Frequency resolution in Overview mode
12,5 kHz
Minimum DF time
less than 15 ms
FHSS signals interception
System deployment time
up to 20 min
Manpack set weight
max 39 kg
Autonomous work
up to 8 hours
Combat experience tested
PLASTUN-RP3000 developed by INFOZAHYST in close cooperation with experienced specialists in direction finding and radio monitoring. Many years of practical combat experience in real-life conditions of the Joint Forces Operation area in the East of Ukraine were used in the design and development of the complex.

Since 2016, PLASTUN-RP3000 has been delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and widely used in the East of Ukraine.