VHF\UHF SDR receiver 25-6000 MHz range
Designed for
search of radio signals
identification of radio signals
reception of radio signals
digital conversion of radio signals
demodulation of radio signals
work with FHSS-signals
Key features
searches, identifies, collects sessions and demodulates radio signals, including FHSS signals;
virtual channel mode allows to independently distribute up to 256 subchannels in real time with a bandwidth of up to 60 kHz each;
high sensitivity – up to -128 dBm (for a radio channel of 500 Hz);
high selectivity of digital channel filters in the channelizer – suppression of aliases during digital processing of signals over 80 dB;
high-quality preselector for receiving signals even in conditions of heavily congested radio environment;
portable and durable design for work in harsh conditions;
the ability to synchronize the internal clock by connecting the INFOVECTOR positioner with an accuracy of 60 ns;
ability to integrate with R&S® CA100/120 or other SDR software via NetSDR.
Military receiver
Designed for radio monitoring and COMINT
The AURIS-R6000 SDR-receiver can find, receive and demodulate almost any radio signals in the operating range of 25-6000 MHz, including those that are important in terms of military goals and objectives. It shows effective sensitivity (up to -128 dBm) and selectivity (over 80 dB).
Specialized software
Infozahyst has developed not only the hardware part of the device, but also specialized software, in particular in the part of signal demodulation. Technical characteristics of the AURIS-R6000 VHF\UHF SDR receiver qualitatively highlight it both in the Ukrainian and international markets.
Operating frequency range
25-6000 MHz
Real-time bandwidth
20 MHz
Single frequency dynamic range
over 80 dB
up to -128 dBm
over 80 dB
Radio frequency spectrum scanning speed
up to 15 GHz/sec
Range of automatic gain control
up to 53 dB
Number of independent subchannels
up to 256
Height in mounting units
2 U
Combat experience tested
AURIS-R6000 VHF\UHF SDR receiver is a part of the APELLA automated multifunctional communication intelligence complex, which in turn is a part of the equipment of the mobile COMINT complex KHORTYTSIA-M, which since 2018 has been delivered by the state defense order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.