​​INFOZAHYST pitches its latest solutions for intelligence-gathering missions

May 14, 2021

* based on the Defense Blog article
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Ukrainian military-electronics specialist Infozahyst R&P Center is pitching its latest solutions for intelligence gathering and information protection. Among the main products of the company, it is worth noting KHORTYTSIA-M mobile COMINT complex and PLASTUN-RP3000 mobile tactical direction finding system.

The PLASTUN-RP3000 mobile tactical direction finding system is designed for the detection of signals (including FHSS signals), determining the location and displaying the coordinates of the radio emission source in real-time in order to create and update the electronic environment map. Using the capabilities of this complex, it is possible to determine the location of the enemy and take measures to suppress it. This complex is already actively and successfully used by the Ukrainian military.

Model of the PLASTUN-RP3000 direction finder

The next system called the KHORTYTSIA-M is a mobile communications intelligence (COMINT) complex that designed for automated search, detection, classification, demodulation, decoding and recording of radio signals and in real-time direction finding, location finding and displaying the coordinates of radio emission source (including FHSS) on the map.

The Khortytsia-M performs the functions of radio monitoring and direction finding, with the possibility of data transfer to the main COMINT complex. As a part of COMINT network operates as the main complex in combination with other COMINT facilities: autonomous complex Khortytsia-M, Apella, Plastun-RP3000, etc. The main complex manages subordinate COMINT complexes and facilities, processes, prioritizes the received information and transmits it to the superior headquarters for decision making.

The KHORTYTSIA-M in action on the battlefield

Infozahyst also launched Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), which got the name SPECTRUM.

Spectrum is an OSINT technology project that delivers solutions based on machine learning and big data. At the beginning of 2014, the company started developing different modules and in 2016 won the first government tender. At the end of 2016, the Spectrum team created the first sophisticated pipeline for processing and analyzing text information in more than 50 languages of the world.

Spectrum system is a synergy of retired intelligence officers and young IT enthusiasts, who united to oppose aggression in eastern Ukraine. It is the knowledge gained in real conditions that made it possible to build an effective system for profiling, collecting data, social analytic and monitoring WEB.

Powerful search modules that make it easy to find data right away from all connected sources, using flexible filters and a smart analysis system. Spectrum has a modular structure and can be scaled up both vertically and horizontally. The system is supplied to the customer as a complete localized solution. For example: searching a group of 40 people requires analysis of 1 million profiles. The operator needs months of work. SPECTRUM conducts such analysis in 9.5 hours.

Result of work of SPECTRUM search modules

In addition, earlier in April 2021, Yaroslav Kalinin, company CEO, has told the Defense Express news agency that Infozahyst received 2 million euros of foreign investment, which sounds like a record for the Ukrainian defense, to develop an ambitious project – to create the aircraft platform-based electronic intelligence complex. According to the developers, this development has every chance to revolutionize the means of ELINT, thanks to completely new opportunities.

Yaroslav Kalinin said that new development, which continues the tradition of the famous Kolchuga and challenges the well-known AWACS system, as well as about other Infozahyst developments, which are successfully used in the Joint Forces Operation area and serially supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.